Tuesday 11 April 2006
Looking forward to the easter holidays
I am so looking forward to the easter holidays. We have been very busy lately that I could use a few days off work.

I am not a very religious person and so is hubby. We would be using our days off work to just unwind and relax. We might be going to Bells Beach in Torquay to watch the surfing competition. And maybe go see dad in Euroa.

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Thursday 6 April 2006
When it rains, it pours
A few months back, I have been complaining a lot that we don't get enough work. Since we are both sub-contractors, that would mean no work, no money coming in.

In our industry, work is never consistent. A lot of companies are always waiting until the last quarter of the fiscal year to use their allocated budget for equipment maintenance. So this time of the year is a busy time for businesses like us.

It felt like work was so quiet this year. Until this past two weeks. Work has been coming in left, right and centre. And each and everyone of them, urgent! When it rains, it does pour.

But I can't complain. We have been waiting for work for a long time now. I just wish the flow is more consistent.

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Monday 3 April 2006
See the Bombers fly up, up

See the Bombers fly up, up!
To win the premiership flag.
Our boys who play this grand old game,
Are always striving for glory and fame!
See the Bombers fly up, up,
The other teams they don't fear,
They all try their best,
But they can't get near,
As the Bombers fly up!

(This is the short version sung after a win. Listen to the full version of the club's song here.)

The 2006 AFL home and away season has kicked off and what a way for the Bombers to start their season. The first game saw the reigning champs Sydney Swans crushing as the Bombers come flying to win their match.

New skipper Matthew Lloyd stamped his captaincy by kicking 8 goals, 6 of which were in the first quarter.

Though ex-captain superstar James Hird didn't play due to injury, everyone stepped-up their games to secure the team's first win of the season.

The 27-point win was a decent one. But this is just the beginning, there are 21 more games ahead in the season. More challenges and hopefully more wins for the club.

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