Friday 28 July 2006
Film Night
We were supposed to see a movie with friends last night but I was hesitant to go because I didn't like what's on this week. I don't think there is any movie at the moment that is deserving of the $15 ticket price. My $15, at least.

I was glad when our friends called to say they were running late and suggested that instead of going to the movies, we would just go to Ron's house to see a film on dvd. Ron is a film maker and he has set-up a darkroom with a widescreen in his house.

When they got to our house, we checked and checked our 300+ dvd collections but can't decide which one to pick. So off we went to a movie rental shop on the way to Ron's house, picked four dvd's and later decided to watch the National Lampoon's Gold Diggers. Looking at the cover, you would say that the movie will have lots of girls in bikinis and would be raunchy. Talk about false advertising. The girls were on for only about 2 minutes in a dream sequence. The guys were disappointed. :-)

The plot was a bit silly but we all found it funny and the story was original. These days, hollywood do not make original movies anymore. They must have ran out of story ideas that a lot of movies now are just cheap remakes.


Sunday 23 July 2006
Wazz up, wazz up!
Can't leave this journal to rot, I have to write something.

- Been very busy at work in the past two weeks, it's crazy. Work is coming in left, right and centre. It would likely be another week before I can sit for a long time in front of my pc at work. That is, if work stops coming in.

- Went to Copacabana last night with Janine, Ramille and some of their friends. The place was packed as there was a show. We had to stand on the side for a good two hours. A latin band called Peligro was playing. They were good but Shane and I thought the music were all the same. It would at first start different but in the middle would sound the same. Was it just us or the music was really monotonous? Then there ware the Brazilian showgirls who danced to Salsa and Lambada and their men counterparts did some breakdancing. The crowd seemed so enthused with the performers. They were good but not to Janine and mine's taste. :-) This is mainly because we have seen a lot of performances like these in the Philippines and boy, pinoy dancers are good. The Sexbomb girls and the Streetboys would give them a run for their money. But anyway, we went there to dance and enjoy, so we did. With my brand new dancing shoes, I danced till my feet ached.

- I have taken my love for the game of poker one step higher. Well, I'm not playing in the casino for real money but I have joined the Australian Poker League. APL holds poker games everyday in different venues all over Australia . It is free to join and play but there are actually prizes for the top 3 players. I started playing last Wednesday (19/07) at the Cheltenham/Moorabbin RSL club. There were over a hundred players and I was unfortunate to be taken out early in the game. I played again today and out of the 56 players, I finished fifth. Not too bad for a second timer. Currently, I am at the top 42 players of the venue. I will keep on playing and have a shot at the championships. Wish me luck....

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Thursday 6 July 2006
"My" Airline
Shane was surfing the web during lunchtime today and he found this.
An airliner in my name!

It is actually a Mexican airline. :-)


Time to move
Soon, we have to move out of our rental property. We have received a notice yesterday from the owner of the house that the property will be put in the market for sale. We have a month to find a place to move into.

I started looking for rental properties right away and found one that is just actually a few houses away from where we are now. We are going to have a look at it later and see how we go.

However, I feel like moving closer to the city as I found Cheltenham too far. Although shopping is not a problem as Westfield Southland is literally a stone's throw away from us, I still feel I'm too far from "civilisation". I'm so used to the life in the city that I am actually missing it now.

I welcome this change for reasons I can not write here as it might put me in hot waters. It's just annoying that once we moved, we have to update our details in the banks, utilities providers, internet and phone and foxtel and whatever else.

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Tuesday 4 July 2006
Wooden Spooners?
Essendon Bombers has not won any game since the second round. It has been 13 rounds now and looks like the Bombers would end up at the bottom of the ladder and be the wooden spooners.

With Lloyd out for the whole season and Hird injured again, the Bombers has a lot to do. They will be up against Fremantle in Subiaco this Friday. But I don't think this is a tall order. Freo is a bit inconsistent so Bombers might pull this one.

Here's hoping.

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Monday 3 July 2006
The scammer got scammed!
Get this.

Someone I know, let's just name him Peter, had received an email from someone he doesn't know informing him that he won $600,000+ in their lottery in Madrid, Spain. Obviously, the email was hoax. I got that email a few times before too. This link has the content of the scam email.

I thought Peter would be smart enough to tell what is legit and what is not. To think he himslef is a scammer. He scams people by telling them what he is not. But some people are smart, in two weeks or less , they figure him out.

But he fell for the scam. He actually replied to the email giving away important information like his name, address and phone number. The lure of get-rich-quick scheme got into him.

Who in his right mind would really believe that he can win money in an internet lottery without having to purchase a ticket?

Fool? Or just desperate.


Just like any other doughnuts
Today, I finally had the chance to try Krispy Kreme doughnuts. A colleague from Sydney came down here and kindly brought us two boxes of these much hyped about sugary treat.

My verdict? It taste just like any other doughnuts. I wouldn't line up for hours to get some.