Thursday 24 August 2006
I am a cracker, are you?
A segment on Channel 9's show, What's Good For You, episode on Monday struck a chord. I too, am a knuckle cracker . Knuckle cracking helps release tension on my hand and fingers especially after using the pc (typing and mouse-clicking) for a long time.

I used to worry about it's medical consequences though that don't do it very often. But after the watching the show, I'm happy to know I can crack my knuckles and not worry a thing, (except for Shane who hates hearing the cracking sound). :D


Finally, I got my driver's license. Took the test at Frankston Vicroads yesterday and whoa! I didn't only pass the test, I did it with no mistakes at all. Zero, nada, wala. Ahhh, I'm rapt and so was my driving instructor.

It is a bit embarassing but I have to admit this was my third try. The first time I failed was because of speeding and on the second time, I made one too many mistakes.

I have a Philippine driver's license but it does not really mean anything to me. It was just one form of identification. Even a blind or a disabled person can have driver's licence in the Philippines. But here in Australia, it is ONE BIG DEAL. It is a right to passage. You have to pass 2 sets of computer based exams and the actual driving test.

I have gone through three different driving instructors. I dumped the first one because he came across as too fresh and a bit too forward. I hated it when he would "accidentally" touch my legs a few times during lessons. The second one was too silent. He would just sit and tell me what to do, ie, turn left, turn right and would not even comment much on my driving skills. He was supposed to be there to guide me and help me improve my skills. The one thing I remember him saying though is, to quote him, "Your driving is not too bad. We should make a booking for your test now." And so on that premise, I took the test with him and failed, twice.

I am not blaming him why I failed because I was the one driving after all but his judgment of my skills I think should have been more accurate.

After two failed attempts, I already felt too discouraged to drive. I was even contemplating on selling my car. It's very unlikely of me, pero talagang pinang-hinaan na ako ng loob. Then my mum-in-law suggested I try the Road Runner Driving School. I was pessimistic. For several weeks I didn't do anything about it. I decided to go for lessons again on the second week of July, this time, heeding mum's suggestion to try Road Runner. And the rest is history.

I would like to give credit to my driving instructor for helping me improve my driving skills and build my confidence. To Mr. Trevor O'connor, thank you very much. You are what you claim you are.

I am happy to have a full license now because that would mean a bit more independence for me. I do not have to bother Shane anymore whenever I'm going out especially when he too, has some place else to go.

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Wednesday 23 August 2006
Life's Little Facts
Been using Libra (that's sanitary napkin, guys) for quite a while now but it was only recently that I took notice of the small prints on the peel-off part of it. I was surprised to read some factual information in there.

Aptly called, Odd Spots, I am re-printing some of them here.

1. The left lung is smaller than the right lung to make room for the heart.

2. One quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet.

3. If you put a raisin in a glass of champagne, it will keep floating to the top and then sinking to the bottom.

4. Most people fear public speaking more than death.

5. You can hear the tick of a watch from 6 metres in very quiet conditions.

6. Each year insects eat one third of the world's food crop.

7. During a 24-hour period, the average human will breathe 23,040 times, exercise 7 million brain cells and speak 4,800 words.

8. The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.

9. Travelling by air is the safest means of transport.

10. The modern flushing toilet is invented by Thomas Crapper.

11. The human eye sees everything upside down, but the brain turns everything right side up.

And today, I saw this in a lid of a Spring Valley drink.

Liddle Facts No. 111 : Squid can have eyes the size of a volleyball.

Isn't that cool.


Monday 21 August 2006
Hugh Jackman - The Boy From Oz

I first saw Hugh Jackman in the movie Kate and Leopold opposite Meg Ryan. (I didn't know then that he is Aussie, and from Melbourne at that!) From then on, I have been a big fan of his. I have watched every movie he did, from X-men (all three, of course!) to Swordfish to Van Helsing. He is such a consummate actor.

He played the title role in the play, The Boy from Oz (Peter Allen's story) and won an Oscar for it.

When I learned of the staging of the play here in Melbourne, I was so excited I was in the ticketek website right away searching for tickets. But during that time, the ticket sales aren't on the net yet. (It was just announced, the venue wasn't even known yet :D)

When tickets to the show went on sale, I was a bit disappointed with the prices. The front seats were like $250.00+ and the cheapest was $99.00. Not very affordable for people who do not earn a regular monthly income. So I thought, maybe it would be shown on TV later, or maybe that would come out on DVD. I'll just wait for that.

On my birthday on the 9th, Shane surprised me with tickets to the show. And with very good seats! I was rapt.

We went last Saturday in the matinee show. Rod Laver Arena was packed to capacity as expected. People were as excited as me.

The show opened with Hugh, wearing a glittering silver outfit, descending from high above posing on top of a white piano. Rod Laver Arena exploded into an endless, huge applause.

Hugh was such in Peter Allen's character that watching him can make you think, is he or isn't he? As the world knows, Peter Allen is gay. Hugh was a perfect fit for the role. (I heard Todd McKinney's portrayal of Peter Allen was good too but I am not a Todd fan, so I will be biased here.)

Not only Hugh's performance was an Ace, I was also impressed with the performance of Angela Toohey as Liza Minnelli. I was almost in tears when she sang "I'd rather leave while I'm in love" in a scene where she was saying goodbye to Hugh (Peter, that is).

At one point in the show, Hugh came to the audience and picked one to dance with him. The guy he chose playfully danced with him. That was hilarious. He came close to where we were seated but not close enough for me to touch him. :( For a minute, I was in Hugh dreamland, as Shane would later put it. :D

Tickets weren't cheap but the show was worth every penny spent. Hugh Jackman was effortless. He held every minute of his audience attention, whether in a solo number or at the centre of a riveting spectacle like I Go To Rio.

Peter Allen must be happy from where he is right now.

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Friday 18 August 2006
Which Sites?
Grabe. Parang trumpo ako ngayong buwan na 'to. Ang daming nagkakasabay-sabay. Ang daming trabaho ngayon at maglilipat kami ng bahay sa katapusan kaya abala din ako sa pag-i-empake. Haay, pakiramdam ko, nalalanta ako. :-(

There, I'm done ranting. Time to get on with life.

As the title implies, this post is about internet sites I visit regularly. This is inspired by GJ's recent post on their site , "What books?". I kinda like the idea so I'm pirating it here though in a different subject, internet sites.

So here they are.

1. Palabok - This is my lunch time favorite. I never miss a post. GJ and Raquel are friends of mine and I look forward to their post everyday. It's my way of keeping in touch with them. :D

2. Writing on Air - This is Jim Paredes' blogsite. Jim is a popular celebrity back in the Philippines. he is part of the singing group Apo Hiking Society. He has moved to Sydney, Australia just recently.

3. Inquirer - This is one of the sites I visit to keep abreast with what is happening back in the Philippines.

4. Philstar - The same as Inquirer.

5. AFL - As I am a footy fan, I check this site from time to time to read news and find updates on Aussie Rules footy.

6. Essendon - This is my beloved Bomber's official site. I get updates of what's news with my team from this site.

7. Cyril Anne's Blog - Cyril is my neice. Though she does not update her site regularly, I make it a point to check it out when she has a new post.

8. Australian Poker League - I am a member of APL so I check this for weekly updates of the on-going tournament.

9. Arbiter Solutions - This is work. I am managing an online tracking system form this site, so obviously I can not get away from it. :D

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Friday 11 August 2006
Dingley, here we come!
After a month of looking for rental houses to move into, we have finally found one. We found this clean and beautiful townhouse in Dingley. It has three bedrooms, ducted gas heating (which is very important to me) and double garage plus a huge space outside than can fit another four cars.

In the rear side of the house is a football park which would be very convenient for walking or jogging come summer.

Shopping is just a two-minute walk which is also very convenient.

With more car spaces outside, we are planning to convert the garage into some sort of sports area where we can place our billiards table and a table-tennis table. Where we are now, the billiards table is locked up in the single garage. We have never used it because there is no space to move for the player.

There will also be an extra space for the poker table in the lounge room. We plan to set it up there too.

The downside though is that there is no airconditioning system and cooking is in electric hot plates.

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