Friday 27 October 2006
Ducks at our front door
On Saturday morning, a pair of ducks came to our front door.
We fed them bread.

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Thursday 26 October 2006

While Mr. Hartney seems to be complaining to Mr. Bracks, his photo says otherwise. He is all smiles.


Mga pulitiko talaga.

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Wednesday 25 October 2006
Forced my way in
The sales guys at work are attending a seminar today. They wouldn't be back until lunchtime. So yesterday, I was asked to be at work early today. And so early did I come. I arrived at 8:40 and happily unlocked the security door and punched the alarm code in. But when I get to the reception door, it was locked. Oh no. I don't have a key to this door. We always leave this door unlocked but when I am left alone in the office, we lock this door for my security. Yesterday the new sales guy left early so he locked this door for me. I was the last to leave so I must have unknowingly locked it somehow when I left. Unless, someone came back last night and locked the door upon leaving. But no, the guys wouldn't do that. They have never done that. They knew I don't have a key to this door. It can only be me. I have done this before. Doors, keys and me do not go together.

I stepped back and think of what to do. I can't call any of the guys.

There are two doors leading to the office, one from the reception and the other from the service store. The latter is always locked as we use it only for courier deliveries and pick-up. Above it there is a small opening which I thought my body would fit in if I crawl. But it's high, I would need a ladder or a high chair to reach it and even if I get through it I wouldn't be able to pull myself down carefully on the other side. I have to jump. Nope, that's not an option.

I tried my house keys hoping for a miracle. Not today. Then I used an old trick. Using a card (like an ATM or credit card) to pry open the door by forcing the lock of the door knob to retract. But the reception door is designed to counter this trick. The door itself and the wall overlaps so it is impossible to insert the card between the gaps. Well the service door is not. There is a 5mm gap and if only I can slide the card in. But no, the flat side of the lock was facing me so I won't be able to slide the card in.

I'm not giving up, I have to get inside. And soon. It's either I have to climb and get through the small opening or find another way.

I inspected the service door again and an idea came into my mind. Yes, that's it. I know what to do now. I would need something like a screw driver or a wire that is small enough to fit in the gaps. I will insert it in the gap and pull it towards me to force the lock to retract. But first I need the tool. I got nothing in my bag or even in my car. Or so I thought. After rummaging through my bag and found nothing, I went to my car not expecting anything but I found the perfect tool. In the boot of the car lies an S-hook. I must have put it there when we were moving. Lucky.

So armed with my tool, I tried again and viola! open sesame, I'm in.

Whew! Pwede na ako maging si McGiba.

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Monday 23 October 2006
Philip Island Day Trip
After a month's planning, our group had another get-together last Saturday. We had a day trip to Philip Island. There were 30 of us divided into ten cars. I had three passengers including hubby who was the designated driver but unfortunately got sick the day before.

Our first stop was the Esplanade in Cowes where we had barbeque/lunch. Everyone contributed food, there was so much. The sisig was particularly good and I gorge a bit on bangus (milkfish). I haven't had bangus for a long time now. I don't cook this at home unless it is deboned (boneless) because Shane wouldn't eat it with bones.

We then went to Amaze'N Things a little later. Amaze'N Things is a theme park which features a maze, illusion rooms and mini-golf among others. Shane and I weren't keen on going inside to the maze and illusion rooms so we decided to stay outside and play mini-golf instead. The course was a bit hard. We played some holes quite well while others disastrously that I didn't keep track of our scores. But it was good fun. I love mini-golf as opposed to the real game.

Next stop was the Koala Conservation Centre which is just across the Amaze'N Things. A few Koalas and a lot of photos later we were out and heading for the Nobbies for the sunset. From Nobbies one can see the biggest fur seals colony in the Southern Hemisphere. It was freezing cold. Another round of eating and then a trek down the boardwalk to see the sunset which was a bit too late already. Later on, the guard even asked us to move out. :-)

It was starting to get dark when we headed back. On the road, we saw a lot of Wallabies. Unlucky for me, I almost hit one. It was sitting on the edge of the road to my left. I slowed down and as I get closer to it, it didn't move so I swerved to the right to avoid it but it must have been mesmerized by the headlights that it jerked to the car's direction. I wasn't really sure if I hurt the poor animal but my back passengers said it looked ok as it jumped back into the woods.

It was a long but enjoyable day. Good to see friends again.

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Tuesday 17 October 2006
Shane and Brad as News Readers
Below is a dilapidated video of Shane and Brad as kids reading the news at NRTV Coffs Harbour. What a disaster!

Movies at the Drive-in
Shane introduced me to drive-in theatres last year when as a surprise, he took me to the Dromana Drive-in Theatre after a whole day of sight-seeing around the Mornington Peninsula.

Twice this month now, we saw movies at the Lunar Drive-in Cinema in Dandenong. First we saw The Devil Wears Prada doubled with My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Then last night, The Departed. We didn't stay to see the double, Beerfest. The Departed used the F-word too much in the dialogues but otherwise it was good. The other movies were OK.

Drive-in theatres are like massive parking lots with giant screens. You get to watch the movie in your car with the audio being broadcasted in an assigned FM radio frequency. So when the movie starts, you just tune in to the right frequency and enjoy.

I kinda like the idea of watching a movie in a public place but you still have a bit of privacy. You can talk and do what you want without having to worry about disturbing other people. I don't think I have seen one of these in the Philippines. Although when I was a kid, my family used to go to the town plaza to see free movies (presented by the local government). A wide screen would be put up in the centre of the plaza and viewers would all sit in the ground.

They're similar in a way, but not the same.

There used to be a lot of drive-ins in Australia but a lot of them closed down in the last twenty years. Now, there are only a few left in Melbourne.

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Friday 13 October 2006
Full Time Employment & New Friends
It has been almost three weeks since my last post. How time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday when I have been making fun of Shane having George W. Bush as one of his celebrity look-alikes (refer to last post).

Work has been extra-ordinarily busy and starting this month (October), I am no longer a sub-contractor. I have just signed an employment contract with my company, Arbiter Solutions Pty Ltd so I am now a full-time employee.

Anyways, in between this quiet period in my blog, I have been busy at work and still organising stuff at home. We still have the garage to do.

I have also met new friends. When my friend Lani learned that we moved to Dingley, she introduced me to her friend, also named Lanie who lives in Dingley too. It turned out we are just a short walk from each other. To distinguish one from the other, I call them Lani Highet and Lanie Dingley, from the burbs they live. Lanie D in turn introduced her other friends to me. Glad to have more pinoy friends here.

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