Thursday 9 November 2006
Missing Dolly
I am missing my sister-in-law, Dolly. Last night, out of the blue, she came into my mind. I wasn't even thinking of anything to remind me of home. Suddenly, I felt so sad and depressed. I cried. I couldn't help it.

Dolly was the wife of my eldest brother, Wilfred. She was closest to me than all of my other sister-in-laws. We got on well. She was like a real sister to me. When my mother died in 1997, she became my second mother, almost. I would go to her all the time. I talk to her about personal and family problems. She was a sister, a friend, a mother, all in one to me.

Dolly became very sick and died early this year. The reason why I rushed back home. She was still alive when I got there. I was still able to see and talk to her. It was very painful seeing her bedridden and very helpless. To think she was a very active person. She was always so alive, so full of energy.