Friday 23 February 2007
Good Move
The move of the Australian government to replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent lamps/bulbs is very laudable. Hooray, Johnny!

Within three years, the incandescent lamps or the globes, as they are popularly known among Aussies, would be phased out. Flourescent lamps would soon rule every Aussie home. The warm light would b replaced by cold light. Isn’t that cool.

I have always been for fluorescent lamps (this is also called daylight lamps in the Philippines). I like the sunlight-like glow of these lamps compared to the warm yellow glow of the globes. Globes emit more heat too.

The flouro lamp may cost more than the globe but this is its only disadvantage. The initial cost will be offset by the long-term savings benefited from less energy consumption and longer life of the lamp. Normally, flouros last ten times longer than the bulb. A flouro will only use 5% of the electricity that a globe will consume to give the same illumination.

This is a wise move to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.

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Wednesday 14 February 2007

Googe? Is this deliberate or an honest mistake?


Ang Puso
May pusong malambot
May pusong matigas
May pusong baliw
Ngunit ang masaya, mga pusong nakaka-aliw

Merong mga pusong
Sa pag-ibig ay nalulunod
Ngunit meron din naman
Sa galit ay nababalot

Ang pusong masaya
Ay pusong malusog
Ito'y naaaninag
Sa taong sa pagmamahal ay hinubog

Ay puso'y pag tumibok
Di madaling pigilin
Pakiramdam ay di maarok
Mahihirapan kang intindihin

Puso ay ingatan
Pagkat ito'y maselan
Wag pababayaan
Bagkus ay alagaan

Maligayang araw ng mga puso sa lahat!


Thursday 8 February 2007
Brain Gender & Driving Style

Uhh uhh.... lalaki yata ako sa dating buhay :D

Your Brain is 40% Female, 60% Male

You have a total boy brain Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts And while your emotions do sway you sometimes... You never like to get feelings too involved

Your Driving Is : 66% Male, 34% Female

According to studies, you generally drive like a typical male.
You're confident in your driving skills, and hardly any situation gets the better of you.
And while you may have a few tickets under your belt, you're still a very good driver.

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Wednesday 7 February 2007
Harry Hotter or Hunky Potter?
Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter no more. He has grown up and what a young man he is now. He has transformed himself from a cute little wiz we all love into a hotty hunk we can all drool. I'm sure his legions of fans will grow up too and embrace this new change.

He has changed from this....
to this...

and this...


Monday 5 February 2007
Chocolate Mousse Recipe
This recipe is not my original creation. Rather this is my improved version of two recipes, one I had found on the net and one from a book my mum-in-law gave me. I have combined the two by adding/increasing some ingredients while reducing some.

I have made this a few times now. Shane just loves it, it doesn't last long in the fridge.


250 gm dark chocolate
3 large eggs, separated
1/4 cup white sugar (for a sweeter taste, add 2 tbsp)
1 1/4 cup cold thickened cream
3 tbsp Grand Marnier (available in small bottles @ 6.89/btl in Safeway or Coles liquor shop)
(The original recipe called for 1/4 c but I found it too strong)
4 tbsp unsalted butter
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice


Cut the chocolate and butter into small pieces and place in a bowl. Heat water (do not boil) and set bowl of mixed chocolate & butter on top of it to melt, stirring occasionally. When completely melted, remove from heat and beat or stir until smooth. Return to the heat and add egg yolks one at a time, stirring well after each one. Remove from heat.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until soft peak forms. Add 2 tbsp of the sugar and beat until stiff. Would be wise to use an electric mixer when beating.

In another bowl, beat the cream until it becomes frothy. Add the remaining sugar, the Grand Marnier and the lemon juice and continue beating until it holds soft peaks.

Fold the egg whites in the chocolate mixture until no white specks appear. Gradually add the whipped cream and fold until well blended.

Transfer in small bowls and refrigerate until well chilled. I would recommend to wait at least 24 hours before eating so that the flavor has already settled.

Optional: top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings when serving.


Saturday 3 February 2007
Goodbye, Mr. Sheldon
My all-time favorite author has died. Sidney Sheldon passed away at the age of 89 due to an illness.

Ever since I first held a Sheldon book, I never looked back. The first novel I read was the A Stranger in the Mirror. From then on, I was hooked.

Among my favorites are If Tomorrow Comes and Rage of Angels. I like how he empowers women in his novels.

His other books that I have read are as follows :

1. The Other Side of Midnight
2. Master of the Game
3. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
4. Rage of Angels
5. Memories of Midnight
6. Sands of Time
7. Doomsday Conspiracy
8. Morning, Noon and Night
9. The Best Laid Plans
10. Bloodline
11. The Naked Face
12. Nothing Lasts Forever
13. The Sky is Falling

I do read books from other authors like John Grisham, Robert Ludlum and Mary Higgins-Clark, but Sheldon will always be my number one.

Goodbye, Mr. Sheldon. You work will surely be missed.


Custom domain publishing dilemma
I have given up on trying to publish this blog on my domain name using blogger's custom domain facility. I can not get it to work. I have followed Google's set-up instructions as well as GoDaddy's, the registrar where I purchased the domain name but I still can not resolve the problems. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. GoDaddy's customer service is of no help at all.

Meantime, I'll continue blogging and deal with the problem later. Kaysa mainis lang ako.

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